There are at least two huge reasons why so many people are giving up the game of golf.

Golf can be an extremely frustrating game. You hit one good shot, and then a bad one. You have a great hole - and then on the very next hole a complete disaster. Just when you think you have it all figured out - you don't. The fact is, hitting that little white ball is sometimes harder than it looks.

Golf can also be a very dangerous game. Being struck by a ball or a club is always a possibility. And, then there's the golf carts, which apparently require a certain amount of skill as you will see in the video. Not everyone possesses this ability, which can lead to injury - and ridicule.

Granted, in this hilarious video of golf fails, some of the people are just being idiots or acting stupid, and they end up getting what they deserve. Still, others are simply victims of their own incompetence. Regardless of which way it swings, we are thankful for the hilarity they bring to this day, and have a greater understanding of why so many people are giving up golf.