High school football is great, you never know you will see or what will happen during the game. I have seen some weird things in a high school game that you would never see at the college or pro level. I will have to say this is the fist time I have seen anything like this.

Once I saw a team come back from 44 points down to win the game, which was one of the wildest games I have ever done. The game was in the little town in Illinois and the home team got down early.

They scored at the end of the first half and got the ball to start the second half. Then it was like a different team came out of the locker room. It seemed that every time they touched the ball they where scoring and mid-way through the fourth quarter they got to with in five points.

They scored late and took a two-point lead to win the game. The funny thing was during the second half people kept coming to the game. By the end I think the whole town was there watching the game.

This kid will always remember this night as the night he blocked two punts on the same play. Just another wild night under the Friday Night Lights.