I have seen some bad stuff but this has to be the worst Super Bowl song ever. On January 26th 1986 the Chicago Bears took on the New England Patriots at the Superdome in New Orleans. Both teams were making their debut in the big game and as some of you remember the Bears had a big hit with the Super Bowl Shuffle that year but do you remember the Patriots also had a song?

The Chicago Bears actually hit number 41 on the Billboard and got a Grammy nomination for their song. Something tells me these people not only didn’t do well with their song but this might be the only copy in the world.

The video was done in 1985 and looks like a really bad Miami Vice rip-off. I have never seen this before and I don’t recall it at all. There are good reasons for that one it is really bad and two Chicago killed New England 46-10 the game was only close at the opening kick-off.

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