I have been a football fan for a long time but this is the wildest off-season I have ever seen in the NFL. I need a notepad and an extra hand to keep track of all the fast and furious action the past few days.

I don't ever recall this many trades going down at any time in the past, but I will say I like it. This is how the NFL should be in my mind. In one off-season, a bad team can turn themselves into a good one just like that.

In past off-seasons, there might be a trade or two and a few free agents move around but that was it. Then the draft would happen which was always a trip into ecstasy and agony.

The ecstasy was seeing who your team drafted, the agony was seeing if they could even get him signed to a good deal. For years, top draft picks got these huge contracts and hadn't even taken a snap in the league.

That all came to end after the 2010 NFL draft. The St. Louis Rams took Sam Bradford with a first pick overall and signed him to a six-year $78 million dollar deal with $50 million guaranteed.

That type of spending was killing teams who were strapped for cash but now teams have more wiggle room. The league has a cap on rookie contracts and that has given teams the ability to make trades and go after better players.

Those teams that could never get over the hump because they were tied down with a huge rookie contract can make a few deals becoming a competitive team. That is better for the NFL and the fans.