The prediction by the weather experts that Powderhorn is due to have a great winter of snowfall has me thinking downhill skiing. Specifically, the best run I've ever seen. The greatest downhill run ever happened in 1976 when Franz Klammer won the gold medal. You can feel free to disagree, but I'm afraid you would be wrong.

I was just a wee child when Franz Klammer took the hill in Innsbruck, Austria. It was the 76 Olympics and the only way to watch this stuff was the ABC Wide World of Sports. I didn't know anything about skiing at the time - still don't. But, I knew that this guy had to beat a crazy time to win the gold medal.

As you mentally get ready for what is hopefully gonna be a great skiing winter, watch the entire run of Franz Klammer from the Olympics of 1976. He was completely on the edge of disaster but absolutely going for it. Still gives me chills watching it.