I like two things more than just about anything else - Colorado and bacon. And, not necessarily in that order. So, when I have the chance to combine the two, the possibility of achieving perfection is there. Check out these Colorado recipes that involve a heaping helping of bacon.

1. Lobster Colorado - All Recipes.com documented this one. It's not a meal that is easy on your pocketbook, but it just might be worth every penny you spend. Beef tenderloin filets, lobster tail and yes, a bunch of bacon mean your mouth and stomach will be happy even if your bank account is hurting.

2. Colorado Sweet Corn Bacon Salsa and Corncakes - The Aurora Sentinel deserves a thank you for discovering this one. Just the title alone caused my jaw to be bruised by hitting the floor. The only change we would make would be to substitute Olathe sweet corn into this recipe to elevate this one to another level of awesome.

3. Bacon and Cheddar Deviled Eggs - Thank you Colorado Egg Producers. We already love your eggs and now that you've come up with a way to marry them with bacon, we are forever in your debt.

4. Bacon jalapeño lime shrimp skewers - This one hails from KDVR in Denver and is also not one that will be good for your food budget. But, the fact that bacon is combined with shrimp and jalapeno may make it worth it.