I have to confess something. I have never received any pleasure from ice fishing. Not even a little bit.Consequently, I have a hard time understanding why a person would want to stand or sit on a big slab of ice  in freezing temperatures with biting wind, just so they can put their hand on an ice cold fish, if they happen to be fortunate enough to make a catch. But, the fact is, there are many ice fishermen in the Grand Valley, and while I may not understand it, I applaud them for pursuing their passion.The ice fishing season  may be coming to an end in the valley, but opportunities still await those that are willing to travel a few miles.

You can always head up to Island Lake on  the Grand Mesa, or if you're up for some competition, Stagecoach Park, south of Steamboat Springs,  is hosting an ice fishing tournament this Sunday, February 17th.  For an entry fee of $25, anglers will compete for cash prizes from 9am-3pm.  Current Colorado  Parks and Wildlife regulations will apply.You can get more information at www.steamboatgreatoutdoors.com or by calling 970-819-4525.

I have been ice fishing a handful of times in my life. and so I know it's something I don't particularly enjoy. I don't think I have ever caught a fish while ice fishing. The only thing I ever caught was frostbite. I might as well be sitting on my back porch. I can get just as cold and catch the same amount of fish. If I get a hankering for some fresh fish, I am thinking  I will just head to the local market and pick up some fish that won't require having a fishing license or thermal gloves.