This year the Testicular Cancer National Golf Series will kick-off in Grand Junction and there is still time to sign-up your foursome. The event starts at 6pm on Friday night with a VIP party at Allen Unique Autos with the tournament being played Saturday at the Redlands Mesa Course. This year PGA tour members Rick Woodson and Todd Barranger, both testicular cancer survivors, will be on hand to kick off this great event.

The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation was formed October of 2009 with the mission of educating young men on the importance of early detection, and supporting those who are affected by this disease. This is the leading cancer in men 15-35, yet it's hardly talked about. When found early, it has a survival rate of over 95%. Early detection is as simple as a monthly testicular self-exam. Sign up today at and come play a little golf for a great cause at the beautiful Redlands Mesa Golf Course.