Take a moment and think about what is your worst day at work ever. Was it the day your computer hard-drive crashed and you lost that big presentation? Was it the day your bakes failed and you hit the bosses’ new car? Was it the day you spent cleaning up after other people and got laid-off at the end of the day? No matter how bad your day was, this guy has you beat by a mile.

Edgardo Toucet was working for Spartan Staffing in Florida, a temp agency near Orlando. They sent him to work at a manufacturing plant called Future Foam. Toucet was put to work at the peeler, which sounds like it came right out of a horror movie. The peeler uses a spinning razor-sharp blade to cut carpet foam and requires two people to operate it.


Toucet, who hails from Puerto Rico and doesn’t speak or write English, claims that he received no orientation, instruction or training in preparation for his work assignment at the peeler. While working the peeler he came into contact with the spinning blade. When I say “contact” I mean the peeler took off his penis and testicles, just like a meat slicer at the deli.




Toucet has filed a law suit and is seeking damages for gross negligence. I don’t know if there is any amount of money to make this right, but this is the worst day at work by a mile.