The United States navy has released footage of the new laser weapon system. This system will be put on Navy Warships and the world should take notice. The U.S. military complex has always been on the cutting edge of technology but this is a huge step. With this system we can focus a beam of energy and knock down just about anything in the air, sea or ground. It may seem like something from Star Trek but this is not President Reagan’s Star Wars.


In the 1980’s President Reagan unveiled the Star Wars system, now most scientist will tell you that it was a great idea but we couldn’t really make it happen at that time. Today that is not the case, we can shoot a beam of energy about the size of a dime and any object and when you add in the computer power we now have tracking and aiming is like playing an Xbox. So, if I were North Korea I would take it easy because all the talk about shooting rockets is going to do nothing but get you ass kicked.