Coin collectors this weekend at the Lincoln Park Barn the Western Slope Coin Club will host a coin show. The show opens on Friday at 10am and goes till 6pm, then Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Admission is two dollars for adults, one dollar for students and pre-school kids are free. If you are into coins this show is a must, they will be buying, selling and trading coins all weekend. If you want to start collecting this show is a must. They will have experts on hand to answer questions and they will have appraisers on hand to let you know what your coin or currency is worth. Even if you have never thought about collecting coins this is a great show, you never know what you will find and who knows maybe you’ll start a new hobby. Coins keep their value and are a great investment. The Western Slope Coin Show is this Friday and Saturday at the Lincoln Park Barn a fun time for the whole family.