I am the new guy at 95 Rock. By now, hopefully, you've figured that part out. If not, then we're both in a lot of troubles. Well, actually you're not in trouble but I am. I started on the air last Wednesday afternoon and it's been a ton of fun. But, there are also aspects of joining a new radio station that are difficult.

For example, look at the above picture. All of those buttons do something. Some I'm allowed to touch and others, no. If somehow, I hit the wrong one, you potentially have no song on your radio. I've learned that Five Finger Death Punch fans are not happy when you accidentally turn off "Battle Born" in the middle. Then, there's that button that turns the microphone on. That one always gets me into trouble.

Fortunately, our engineer Luke knows that I am the new guy and has put special labels on stuff to help me avoid disaster.  For example:

Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

No matter what, I leave this button on. Good to know. Then there's this:

Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

I think this one runs the air conditioning at our bosses house. So, leaving this one on would be a good idea also. Here are three more innocent looking knobs:

Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

Notice that the "Headphones" knob is turned up all the way to the right. That's because listening to loud rock for the past 32 years will make you deaf, which I nearly am. So, when you stop by to introduce yourself, expect my first words to be "What?!?".

Despite all of my technical challenges, thank you for the warm welcome. It's an honor to be a part of the 95 Rock family.