For the past seven years Anderson (The Spider) Silva has been the UFC Middleweight Champion, that ended last night in the second round. At UFC 162 Silva put his belt on the line against Chris Weidman. A young fighter with a lot of promise, he came into the fight 9-0, but had never fought in such a big fight or against guy like Silva. Most thought that Weidman had a chance if he could get the fight on the ground, imagine everyone’s surprise when the longest title run in UFC history came to an end with a left hook.

The 38-year-old Silva was his usual cocky taunting self in the fight. Some people like it and others don’t, the fact is Silva was 16-0 in the UFC and had 10 title defenses before UFC 162. Silva started the second round encouraging Weidman to get into the fight. Perhaps he was trying to bait him into a standup fight were Silva would have the advantage. Silva started his fake I’m hurt act when Weidman caught the champ on the chin with a left hook. It put Silva on his back; Weidman quickly jumped on him ending the fight and the reign of the Spider.