You just got your new telescoping selfie arm and guess what it is out of date because the next step in selfies is here. It seems today everyone is loading up his or her social network page with selfies from the bathroom to the park but now this company is making it even easier to be a narcissistic 21st century digital boy or girl.

This company has worked up the selfie mirror, which will take the picture and post it to your feed so you can share how hot you look in that blue dress. Wow isn’t technology great! Now this mirror will take the picture, post the picture and you hardly do a thing. That way you can stay connected to all of the people who follow you every day.

Do worry it might seem a bit pricey at first but as more people get them the price will come down just like any new technology. Then you can put one in your bathroom and see what all of your guest do when they are in there and no one will ever be the wiser.