Colorado is one of the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana in the United States, we know that. That means that owning the house in the heart of Colorado with the address 420 Colorado Blvd. would be a stoners dream, right? If so, it can be yours as it is on the market!

No, it doesn't come with a weed garden or a licence to sell pot, but it does come freshly remodeled with four bedrooms and two bathrooms!

The 2,959 square feet brick house is being sold for $450,000, which is kind of pricey I know, but think about it... It's like the stoner mecca of the US. The only house we can think of with a better address is the one at 420 High St. in Denver... But, that one isn't for sale!

See more pictures from inside the house, and even buy it if you'd like, here.