There have been a lot of great advances in science and medicine in recent years, and what was once thought to be impossible is now being done on the regular. A while back, scientists were able to grow a human ear on the back of a mouse, but what's happening now is even better.

A U.S. soldier was wounded in an explosion, and along with some of his other injuries, he lost part of his penis. Doctors say that the loss of a penis can be pretty traumatizing (understandably), because it can affect one's sense of manhood. But now, they have a penis that's been donated by a recently deceased man, and that soldier is about to become the first American to have a penis transplant.

The surgery has been done a few times, but this is the first time that the procedure will be performed in the U.S. It involves joining nerves and blood vessels and all sorts of other science, and the result will be a fully-functional penis. He'll be able to pee, have sex, and everything. The surgery could happen in just a few weeks.

All jokes aside, this is incredible.