Rock Jam is a week away and we're getting rid of so many tickets, and here's how you can take them from us!

You know we have the Ultimate Rock Jam Giveaway going on right now, only a couple days left of that. Make sure your entered and listen to 95 Rock for your name, if you hear it -- remember, keep your ears open -- you'll have 9 minutes and 51 seconds to call us back. You know you want to win!

Not a fan of having to "relieve" yourself in the nasty porta potties at Rock Jam? Then get your name in for the drawing for the 95 Rock "VIP-EER" at Grand Junction Harley-Davidson. You'll win a pair of two-day VIP tickets and your own porta potty! Conduct your business in a clean office.

How would you like to meet the super-sexy Miss Rock Jam, Harlo Gunn? We'll be out at Cactus Canyon on Friday for a sneak-peak preview party starting at 8 pm. The whole 95 Rock crew will be out there chillin' with Miss Rock Jam. Who knows, maybe you can talk her into a kiss ... on the cheek!

Why not come out and hang with your favorite 95 Rock DJ, ME, Tommy Rocker!

Friday (August 16) we'll be out at Still Smokin’ at the corner of 1st and North next to No-Coast Sushi. We'll be there from 5 pm to 7 pm with a chance to win a pair of two-day general admission tickets. It can't get any easier than that, or can it?

We'll be out again on Saturday (August 17) at Allen Unique Autos, with more chances to win Rock Jam tickets. It's going to be a perfect day to hang with me again from 10 am to noon.

You know no one can hook you up for Rock Jam better than 95 Rock!