I’m really not into these types of shows but when I saw this I thought this must be the craziest (Staged) reality TV scene I have ever seen. On the show South Beach Tow a camera crew follows around tow truck drivers as they go through their day of towing vehicles away. Now I know that some of these shows are staged and that is what happens here.

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Bernice and her friend Dave are repossessing a Camaro when the girl who is driving the car comes back and ends up knocking Bernice off the second story of the parking garage. If they had left the episode there it would have been fine but then it gets really crazy.

Dave, who doesn’t know which button to press to raise the car and has never driven a tow truck before some how does a pretty good job when he needs to chase the girls as they flee in the Camaro. That is when Bernice comes around the corner and puts her fist threw the side window to drag the driver from the car.

I know they are trying to create high drama but could this be anymore fake or am I the only one who sees this?