Rock Jam 2013 is in the books and each year there are always great stories about people who got so drunk they missed the show or had some funny disaster that burned the show into their memory. This year I saw the best fail of the weekend.

Saturday night after Korn knocked a hole in the sky, a group of us headed back to the campgrounds to eat and relax. We had Elk, Chicken and Brats on the grill and those who drink had a cold beer in their hand. That is when the fail took place.

A friend, who we will call "Miss P," had to go pee so she slipped away between a couple of vehicles -- I don’t blame her the port-a-potties can be a little nasty by Saturday night.

She started to do her business and that is when her smartphone dropped out of her pocket right into her urine stream.

She came from around the truck holding her phone by two fingers cussing like a sailor, "Bleep, bleep, I just peed on my phone."

Like a cue from a director everyone pulled their phones out and started texted and calling her. The funny thing is she does not drink, I mean not at all. I guess “Miss “P” you should always have a bag of rice ready at all times.