Known my many names and with just as many, if not more, dates the apocalypse once again came and went without any damage done. The Mayan Apocalypse caused quite the conversation, but as many predicted December 21, 2012 came and went without any catastrophe.

Except where the rumors began. The epicenter for the 2012 prophecy, Guatemala, saw a tourism boost due to the 'coming apocalypse'. As 7,000 people descended upon the already fragile Tikal's Temple II they ignored the simple request to not climb the structure.

Thanks to a bunch of Mayan Apocalypse tourists causing 'irreparable damage' from climbing the stairs, which is not allowed in the first place. Now one of the best known structures has been destroyed beyond repair due to a rumor. Some criticized the event at the site, a ceremony for the coming of a new era, didn't even have much to do with the Mayans or their culture.