For the second year in a row 95 Rock is teaming up with the United Way for the United Way Radio-Thon. The United Way of Mesa County will invest your donations back into our community to help make it stronger. This is no small task for the United Way and you can help our community by making a simple donation.


95 Rock will start at 6am when the phone banks open and all you have to do is call 812-1222 and make the donation. There are many way you can be come a champion of the community, credit card, auto debit from your bank account, online at or you can just bring a one donation to the 95 Rock studios at 315 Kennedy Ave.


The United Way of Mesa County does a ton of good in our community so please help out. If everyone does a little a lot gets done. See you at 6am with the 2nd annual Radio-Thon.