Grand Junction Harley-Davidson and 95 Rock would like to say congratulations to Amber Salazar. She is the winner of the 2013 VIP—EER. Amber wins a pair of 2-day VIP tickets and her own port-a-potty for the Rock Jam event this weekend. Amber keeps the streak alive, as the girls are now 9-0 against the guys.


This weekend marks the 11th annual Rock Jam event and other than two years we didn’t take part with the show 95 Rock has done the VIP—EER promotion. Giving someone a pair of concert tickets and their own port-a-potty for the two day event may sound kind of silly but ask any one who has won it and they will tell you it’s a cool prize. The thing that I find odd is that a guy has never won it.

I know what you’re thinking, we set it up for a chick to win, and no we don’t. Each time we put all the qualifiers in a hat and draw out a winner and each time it has been a lady. One would think that a guy would have won it at least once, I guess the rock god’s think it is a ladies prize.