Remember some of the first times you went out shooting and discovered that some guns kicked like mule? That is what happens to some of these people as they found out that the movies and video games don’t really give you a good example of how much power some guns have.

When I was maybe 12 I went with my Grandfather and Uncle’s to the family property for the weekend and that is when I got my first kick. My Grandfather had an old 10-gauge shotgun that was like a boom stick. The first couple of times I shot it the thing almost jumped out of my hands. I think the only reason it didn’t knock me down was because my grandpa was standing behind me.

It was always one of my favorite guns to shoot mainly because when I was 14 I won a 17-pound turkey with it. My uncle now has the gun and one day it will fine it’s way to me as my family never sells their guns we just pass them down.

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