I just heard the news that drinking four cups of coffee can increase the risk of early death. Hmmmm. How would you define early death? And when death happens, how do you if it came early or not? I ponder the answer to these questions because the fact is I am a 4-cupper. Is it worth the risk? Is early death even the worst thing that could happen?I don't smoke or drink, or chew. I don't sky dive. I'm not a boater. I've given up hunting and  I never mess with electricity. I'm a good, (relatively) safe driver (I've never had a real accident). I don't travel to unstable foreign countries. I don't live in a crime-infested metropolitan area. I don't bungee jump and I don't own a motorcycle.There's a lot of cancer in my family, but not yet to age 50 I've already had my first colonoscopy.

The point is, I don't live a high-risk life style. It would seem my chances for living a reasonably long life are good. Yet, they are telling me that these four cups of coffee - give or take - could over ride all of the safety precautions I take in life and send me to an early grave. Are you kidding me?

Of course, you never know what to believe. In all likelihood, next week there will be a new study that indicates that drinking coffee will add years to your life. So, I opt to ignore any study or report that has to do with drinking java and let the chips fall where they may.

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