In today's era, almost everyone has a smartphone especially teenagers. Having these devices right at our fingertips makes it easy to share images and videos. Enter the "trending" bully videos; sites like reddit and YouTube are full of these videos.

First we have this video -- the school hallway is full of students, one student seems to be harrassing another student and begins to hit him, the victim stands up to the bully with a few blows of his own. Where were the teachers?

Then there's this bully victim, what seems to be a group of kids joking around turns out to be these kids harrassing another. While the two kids are standing there, the short kid throws a nasty punch into the other kid's face. What makes this video worse, a group of kids chase the victim down and beat him up some more -- all this happens in front of what looks to be adult citizens.

So we ask you, are these videos "eye opening" or "disgraceful?