Local Wineries Connecting With Millennials
I admit I'm not a big wine drinker. I appreciate a glass with dinner from time to time and no means an expert. According to those that are, Millennials are changing the wine game and making an impact right here in the Grand Valley.
Colorado Wine Goes to the Dogs – Literally
After a grueling day of sniffing the ground, licking their feet, and the usual 14 hours worth of naps, your dog will enjoy winding down with a refreshing bowl of CharDOGnay, a wine just for dogs. A Colorado-based company already famous for their cat wines now offers two selections just for dogs.
Wineries You Must Visit in Grand Junction + Palisade
One of the things that Grand Junction (Palisade) has always been very popular for is our Western Colorado Wine. With a selection to match anything Napa Valley has to offer, including the beautiful scenery to drink it in. I myself have just recently fallen in love with our local wines, and local Gran…

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