Was There a UFO Over Grand Junction?
While standing outside behind the Townsquare Media studios, I saw something in the sky that I couldn't identify, then it was gone. But not before I snapped a picture.
WTF? Is That a UFO Destroying the Taliban?
United States Marines caught a mysterious UFO destroying a Taliban camp in Afghanistan this past March. I have seen some crazy stuff before but this is just wild. It really looks like a UFO blowing up the camp but is it really?
Did UFOs Appear Over Brooklyn and San Francisco?
We're already convinced that aliens exist, so it's not like we need any further proof. But these clips of identical UFOs hovering in the sky over Brooklyn and San Francisco blew us away. All hail our alien overlords! (The videos are a bit NSFW, by the way, due to some UFO-inspired pot…

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