Tax Deadline 2017: Why Tax Day Isn’t on April 15
In the US, April starts with April Fool's Day and about two weeks later, Income Tax Day. Which begs the question, are you a fool if you wait until April to file your taxes? Not in 2017, because you can file after April 15 and still be on time.
It’s Time For A Sales Tax Holiday In Colorado
I have children. Lots of children. Lots of children that go to school. That is why I approach this time of year with fear and trembling as I brace for the annual school supply purchase. It would sure be nice if the state of Colorado could make life a tiny bit easier for all of us that face this chal…
5 Ways to Save Money on Your 2013 Taxes
It's hard to believe it's already the middle of tax season. 2013 is off to a fast clip, and unfortunately this means that Tax Day is right around the corner. You could bury your head in the sand until you hit April 14 panic mode, or this year you could give yourself a burst of energy and s…

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