Mesa County Fair

King BMX Show At Mesa County Fair Is A Must See
If you see one event at the Mesa County Fair, make sure it's one of the King BMX performances. Fortunately, you'll have lots of chances no matter when you're planning to go to the fair. Performances are daily at 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Grand Junction Is Funnier With Bill Engvall In It
I don't get to talk about Bill Engvall often enough. It's not like we've had him opening up the Loudwire Music Festival or anything. I do think that's a great idea. It would have been interesting to see him perform right before Rob Zombie. Oh, well. Fortunately, Bill is in the ar…
5 Events I’d Like To See At Mesa County Fair
The Mesa County Fair begins Tuesday, July 14. It's already a great event, but, in my opinion, it could be even better. Here are five events that would be pleasing to the entire family. Or maybe it would only be fun for that twisted uncle who's always taking pictures at inappropriate times.