Hilltop's Latimer House

Men In Heels, You’ll Want to See This!
The annual Men In Heels Race downtown was a huge success!
This was my first year participating here in Grand Junction. Doing this radio thing you find yourself involved in annual Men In Heels events. I'm nervous every time. I believe this is my third actually slipping on the heels and …
Lazy Man Gets Underway Tonight
It's here! We've been promoting this for months. Finally, the 1st annual Lazy Man Olympus is set to start. The action gets underway this evening at The DoubleTree here in Junction. It's a benefit for Hilltop's Latimer House.
Lazy Man Olympics About Sold Out
Grand Junction's 1st annual Lazy Man Olympics is later this month. It's a benefit for Hilltop's Latimer House. You've heard in on 95 Rock. It's a new way to support this great cause and enjoy a weekend of fun, and most importantly, not too strenuous competitio…