Guy Unloads Verbal Assault on the Drive-Thru Attendant
This guy doesn’t get what he ordered and unloads on the attendant in the Drive-thru. I have never been a fan of the Drive-thru, mainly just for this reason, but this guy goes over the top. He apparently didn’t want cheese on his burger and now wants his money back fas…
Man’s Funeral Procession Stops At Fast Food Drive-Thru
A recently deceased Pennsylvania man went to a fast food restaurant so often that his daughter arranged for his funeral procession stopped by the drive-thru on the way to his burial. This is why you should be nice to your family: when you are dead, they're in charge...
Which Fast Food Restaurant Has the Worst Drive-Thru Service?
Consumers expect their meals quickly when going through a fast food drive-thru. But according to an annual report by QSR Magazine, you won't get that sort of service at Burger King. In fact, it came in dead last in a ranking of seven fast food restaurants for drive-thru service.