It is Super Bowl Sunday for the 47th version, but why bother watching the game? I am not a Ravens fan, I like the 49ers even less, and I have already seen the commercials. Wait. What. Seen the commercials BEFORE the Super Bowl? How did this happen?Just a few years not so long ago, Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to get together with friends and family to watch the game, even if your team did not make it because of the commercials. It even brought families closer together because non fans would watch for the commercials. In fact, one year during the picture in picture days of television, I watched a movie, and changed to the commercials when they played and ignored the game.

The internet gave more people the chance to watch the commercials after the game and we were told to go and vote for our favorites. This way the office talk the next day was to watch this or that commercial and vote for it, trying to make your favorites the top vote-getter.The only commercial you might have seen early was for Doritos because they were made by fans and people voted for the one that would get the coveted game time slot. Headline news told us just how many gazillion dollars the advertisers were paying for this valuable time. If you added it all up, you could put a down payment on the deficit, or at least afford to run for President.

2013 seems to have changed all of that, and I am not sure why. Did advertisers buy into the "Mayan Calender" doomsday prophecies and wanted them seen earlier? This year seemed to be a race to see who could get them out soonest. They were on Facebook, YouTube, Late Night shows, Morning news, and even shows dedicated to former commercials. So since I have seen them, and I am not interested in the game that much, why bother? Make it special again and hold the Super Bowl commercials to being seen the day of the Super Bowl!

Since you have already seen them, just keep listening to your radio or online!

If you have not seen them all yet, here is my favorite one this year:

And one I think failed.(Dey Was Smokin Ganja, Mon!)

When they are done, you can keep watching more just by clicking on them.