According to an email our engineer received we will be experiencing sun outages through mid-march. While this may be a naturally occurring phenomena, what does it mean?
According to Wikipedia Sun Outages effects all of the approximate 300 geostationary satellites, which have,
revolutionized global communications, television broadcasting and weather forecasting, and have a number of important defense and intelligence applications.
According to engineers at one of our affiliates,
Sun fade occurs when the sun, (these) satellite(s) and the earth are in alignment. The sun, a stronger source of radio frequency energy than our satellites, overpower our signal for anywhere from a few seconds to a maximum of thirty minutes.
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Some of your devices that may be effected include but are not limited to:
  • XM, Siruis, Direct TV, Dish Network, AT&T & some weather satellites

The UK's ministry of defense is even one that could be effected.