Jesus turned water into wine, right? Well now you can do your best Jesus impression, and you don't even have to grow a beard or wear a robe. All you have to do is go to the store and get some juice, and buy some of this magical powder... 

The process of getting from juice to happy juice is stupid simple... Take a 64 oz. bottle of your favorite juice (recommended: grape, cranberry, or pomegranate) with a minimum sugar content of 20g/serving and none of that unfiltered or artificial sweetener junk. Then pour in a Spike Your Juice packet, seal the bottle with the supplied airlock, and sit patiently.

So, you're worried it won't taste good. And it may not! But you can adjust the strength with how long you leave the cap on. Besides, if you've got 64 oz. of the stuff, you won't care about the taste by the time you hit the bottom!

If only we had this stuff when I was 16, I would have made Tropicana extra-rich!!