Times Square is full of characters and not just New Yorkers and tourists. In Times Square there are all kinds of impersonators trolling the streets to hustle tourists for photos in hopes for tips. Spider-Man allegedly couldn't keep his cool recently when he punched a woman, he claims 'in self defense'.

Spider-Man, also known as 35-year-old Philip Williams, recently appeared in court for allegedly assaulting a woman. The 44-year-old claims Spider-Man punched her a after taking a photo with her kids.

New York Police Lieutenant John Grimple says Spider-Man told her after not tipping him, "You're crap". Then he allegedly punched her. Spider-Man's defense team claims Spider-Man acted in self-defense after she threw a snowball at him. The Lieutenant says, "I never heard anything about a snowball. He punched her."

Not only did Spider-Man allegedly hit mom, she was also with dad. Because mom was so distraught she actually ran into a second Times Square Spider-Man and verbally assaulted him with class, "What did you do to me, you f***ker?"' Then he says her husband showed up and told her she had the wrong Times Square Spider-Man.

They then went and found the right one and fought with him instead. New York Police showed up at about 3 p.m. as Spider-Man and the husband fought and kept him from attacking Spider-Man.

Which really would have been a better story for his children to tell, "Oh yeah, well my dad kicked Spider-Man's ass and I have the police report to prove it."