We weaseled a few sweet minutes with Veronica Ricci -- a smart, beautiful redhead to talk about her spank fetish sites, her love of horror movies, and what turns her on. Unfortunately, it wasn't us.

For our readers who don't know you, please introduce yourself?

I'm Veronica Ricci from Kentucky to NorCal to, now, LA. I have a few jobs- production assisting and social media manager for TomCat Films, Penthouse Pettery and what I'm here now to speak of is my spanking job! I direct/act and manage my spanking sites.

We saw that you do promotional/social media work for The TomCat films Horror Film Company, and that you’re featured in Girls and Corpses magazine this month. Have you always been into horror? What do you love about it?

I have not always been into horror- it used to scare me like a little baby. I always liked cheesy horror like 'Army Of Darkness,' but the real scary slasher movies made me scream like a little girl.

Who is your favorite scary movie villain of all time?

It would have to be Darth Vader, because his entrance music is excellent.

Tell us a little bit about what a spanking network is and what your site is all about.

Spanking Veronica is a regularly-updated picture blog that links to all of my various spanking sites: spanked sweeties, spanking sorority girls, etc. They are all series such as my spanking sorority girls always has continuity of girls pledging, nuns spanking, etc. It is a school for wayward girls so there is always reason to be spanked there!

When did you become interested in spanking? What do you love about it?

Honestly, I was not aware of spanking alone as a fetish outside of sex until about three years ago. Not all spankers are created equal. Personally, I love the "erotic firm" style of spanking which is more about alternating the "pain" of spanking with light sexual tickley feelings to tease.

When given the choice, would you rather be the spanker or the spanked?

I like spanking if the person I'm spanking is getting off on it- I love to see their reaction and feel their body react. I like to get spanked if it is someone who spanks me the way I like it, otherwise, I am just tolerating it.

What’s the biggest public misconception about spanking fetishes?

I think most people outside of spanking fetish just do not understand it at all which I get because I had no idea about it before as well. It IS hard to explain. You have to experience it to understand and explain the appeal.

Of all your roles, which was the most fun to play, and which was the weirdest? (Snake lady costume was A+, by the way.)

Oh man, I LOVE dressing up and acting (if it's a good ridiculous role. Ridiculous is my favorite!) I would say my favorite character is this crazy, sassy white trash call girl. I also love playing this delusional ginger who believes she is a Native American sent to inflict punishment on the whites for their sins against my tribe, which is also on the website.  I am pretty shy and reserved in real life so it's fun to play this completely crazy girl chewing gum and talking trash to everyone.

Who is more fun to spank: men or women?

Women! Men have harder butts with muscles. Honestly, I love spanking people who enjoy it.

What’s your biggest turn-on?

 ..... BUTTHOLES!!!

And turn-off?

Biggest turn off is.... PEOPLE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN WASHING THEIR HANDS! Please put that in all caps.

What do you do for fun, when the cameras aren’t rolling?

I LOVE to travel. I love to read, write, create, gain understanding, jump, bounce, play with my dog, cuddle, apply lotion to my butt, take long walks, share romantic kisses with clowns, etc.


You’re stunningly beautiful, and we can’t help but notice that your look is a lot more girl-next-door than most actresses in the industry, and you’re not afraid to be playful -- How come?

Maybe my look is more "girl next door" because I am not the typical blonde California girl people expect adult films to be. I love to be playful. If I am not entertained, I LOOK bored and that is not good for anyone unless your into bored girls.

Any advice for men who are interested in bringing some spanking action into their bedrooms at home?

I suggest starting with light spanks during foreplay to see how the girl will react before bringing any actual hard spanks into the situation. Starting playful with spanks initiates that spanking can be fun! Then gauging her reaction and moving onto harder spanks on the meat of her butt (never on her bones i.e. her spine, etc.) and making it sexual, like hair pulling. Spanking can be very playful and eventually be very erotic as well... Both are a good time!

If this wasn’t your industry, where else could you see yourself thriving?

I love being in school, love learning and creating. I would probably be doing something in science or healing. I am a massage therapist and yoga instructor and LOVE reading science books, so I would probably do something involving one of those.

What’s next for you? 

I will be in Cleveland, Ohio at Diamond Men's Club November 15-17 2012 doing feature dancing, and I will continue updating my Twitter and Spanking Veronica, as well as promoting Tom Cat Films company!