I have no idea how you end up leaving things at the airport. Everything is all packed away in fancy little bags, and there are signs that tell you exactly where to put your bags that you don't want to carry around so they get on your airplane with you. Still, 43,000 things were put in the lost and found at Denver International Airport (DIA) last year. 

There is so much stuff left behind in our airport alone that a full-time staff of seven lost and found workers are required to sort through all the bins, bags, and piles of stuff, and then catalog all the treasures.

So, as you can imagine, of the 43,000 items left behind, some of the items are a little weird! At one point someone left behind an urn complete with a cremated body somewhere at the airport, and it too ended up in the lost and found. I guess it makes sense, that if you set grandma down to grab a beverage before your flight, it would be easy to forget her, because after all she can't exactly tell you to pick her up and take her on the plane with you.

If you’ve lost grandma or another item at DIA in the last 30 days, and think it may be one of the 43,000 items in lost and found, here’s the number to call: 303-342-4062.