Residents in Colorado towns isolated by devastating floods have a choice: Leave now or face weeks without basic supplies, including running water and electricity, officials are warning.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said
"We're not trying to force anyone from their home. We're not trying to be forceful, but we're trying to be very factual and definitive about the consequences of their decision, and we hope that they will come down,"
The President has declared a major disaster in the flood-ridden state. The declaration allows Boulder County home owners and business owners in who are suffering from flood devastation to receive federal funds, including low cost loans and grants for temporary housing.
Over the weekend, helicopters and truck convoys warned resident in paralyzed communities about staying.
Authorities have made clear that residents who chose not to leave might not get another chance for a while because rescuers won't go back for people who insist on staying.
If you have any family in flood-ridden area you may want to check on them and makes sure they have a place to stay.