So you think you’re tired of the political ads? Try sitting in the studio all day. This election is the most expensive in the history of our country. Between the two candidates over $1.6 billion dollars has been spent, and if we don’t demand changes in the amount of money put into these it will only keep going up. I have a very simple plan that will fix this.

First, any person running for a congressional seat either in the House of Representatives or the Senate should be limited to just $4 million dollars per candidate. These funds can only be raised in the districts in which these candidates are running in. If the candidate is unable to raise the funds either the GOP or the DNC could donate to the candidate, but once the $4 million dollar level is hit no more money. Only the candidates can spend the money.

Second, once the primaries are over and we know the two people running for the White House, those candidates will only be allowed to spend $400 million dollars. That will limit each candidate to $8 million dollars per-state. Only the candidates can spend the money. This will cut down on the amount of ads they can run, which means they focus on their message and not mudslinging.

Third, No more outside money! That means no super-PACs, special interest groups or big donations to candidates running outside your district. This year super-PACs have spent over $65 million dollars on just television ads and some billionaires have put 10’s of millions of dollars into the campaigns. Campaign donations will be limited to $2,500 max to a candidate in your district and $2,500 max to a presidential candidate. Once a candidate has reached their maximum funds no more money can be taken in.

Finally, there should no longer be a pension for any person who retires, leaves office due to term limits or losses in an election. Right now there are over 290 retired elected officials who get just over $60,000 a year. That is over $17,000,000 tax dollars we spend each year, plus these people get health insurance that we help pay for. Serving our country is a privilege not a retirement fund, plus most of these people find great jobs in the private sector after politics.

That’s my fix.