Last Saturday the cast of Saturday Night Live (SNL) did a skit trying to poke fun of the tea party. In the skit they say lets visit with the Western Slope Conservative Alliance and when they sent it out to him he said "Yes, I'm in Denver". Do they have no idea that Denver isn't even close or comparable to the Western Slope.

You would think that the producers of a renowned show like SNL would be able to figure out the difference from Denver and the Western Slope. The Front Range is a completely different part of Colorado then the Western Slope.

Here's an idea, do some research to make sure you don't look ignorant while your trying to make fun of the great citizens of the Western Slope.

Let's help the producers -- who have probably never been past the Mississippi -- get out of their high-rise New York offices, and differentiate between Denver and the Western Slope. Comparing Denver to the Western Slope is worse than comparing New York City to Buffalo.

Google Maps


  • Downtown -- Dirty
  • Woman -- Trashy
  • Men -- Jerks or DBs
  • Scenery -- Skyscrapers
  • Traffic -- Horrific
  • Residents -- Sometimes Cocky

Western Slope/Grand Junction

  • Downtown -- Beautiful, artistic, friendly
  • Woman -- Classy, Fit, Smart
  • Men -- Handy, Outdoors Men, Gentlemen
  • Scenery -- Beautiful, Breathtaking, Sky High Mountains
  • Traffic -- Nearly Non Existent
  • Residents -- Friendly, Helpful, Law abiding citizens

What else sets the Western Slope apart from Denver? Comment below and share the link to this post on the SNL Facebook page so they can correct this mistake.