If you have used a credit card recently at a local gas station, the Grand Junction Police Department is advising you to monitor your account because skimming devices have been found in at least three separate gas pumps.

[UPDATE] The Grand Junction Police Department has stated this information is from 2010, but you should still always keep an eye on your financials accounts.

Skimming devices, which can not be seen from the outside of the pump because they are wired inside the machines, are used to used to obtain account information, including PIN numbers on debit and credit cards.

The GJPD apparently learned of the skimming devices after a maintenance worker found one inside the pump of a Fruita gas station. After machines were checked, two more were found in Grand Junction though police did not say exactly where. Officers will be going to each station in the city to advise owners to check their pumps for the devices.

The police department says they don't know how the skimming devices got there, or how long they have been there. They suggest you monitor your account closely, and if you don't find any fraudulent activity in the coming weeks and months you are probably okay. If you do find fraudulent activity on your account, you should contact the Grand Junction Police department and file a report.