Red-Blooded American male speaking here. Let me ask you a question that you won't hear often from my species. Do you enjoy when we post "Babe of the Day" type of content here? Or does it offend you?

I'm not personally a fan of the objectification of women. When you become a father of daughters, your perspective tends to change on this subject. But, I'm also not a prude. There's a part of me that feels this type of stuff is very "Spinal Tap" - typical stuff you see from rock stations.

I really don't want to express any more of my opinion on this subject. I really care about what you think though. This is not your typical vote for the hell of it poll. We want to give you more of what you want from 95 Rock and less of what you don't. If you love the hot yoga pants type of stuff, let us know. If you'd prefer we stick to rock stuff, we need to hear that, too.