Back when the public debate about legal and recreational marijuana for adults 21 or older came up there were questions and concerns about 'cannabis tourists'. The governor's panel discussing future regulation has recommended to deny rights of Amendment 64 to non-residents.

When it was official that Coloradans had passed Amendment 64 with the intention of treating marijuana like alcohol Governor Hickenlooper told Colorado to not break out the Cheetos and Goldfish just yet. As he proclaimed the vote in December 2012 Hickenlooper also created a group to debate, discuss and recommend future legislation regarding Colorado's end to the prohibition of responsible and recreational used by adults.

Comprised of a body of people representing all sides and interest groups to recommend the direction Colorado legislators should take before their deadline to create legislation in a few months. Colorado's current medical marijuana system requires a person be a legal resident of the state for two years before they qualify for a card from the state.

The requirement of a two year residency for medical marijuana cards in Colorado is questionable, but the state has yet to have someone take them to court over it. Similar questions concerning the new amendment are expected to come up during the group's debates.

Colorado draws tourists for an array of activities and the sheer beauty every year. Some disagree that new and non-residents should have the same rights as those who have live in the state. Of course Coloradans don't want people just coming here to destroy our beautiful land and grow marijuana in our wilderness. On the other hand if non-residents were not allowed to purchase or use marijuana potential tax dollars would be lost, it could be difficult to enforce and some may call it discrimination.

What do you think Colorado should do?