Shaman's Harvest may be one of those band's you haven't heard of yet, but trust me, if you haven't, you will!

Ok, I'll admit it, they're friends of mine. That aside, the fact is they're one of the best rock bands out there. Note I didn't say "up and coming". They've been around since 1996. Working hard and relentlessly touring the country. Winning fans the old fashioned way, one gig at a time. You may know the band from their breakthrough hit "Dragonfly" off their 2006 album "Shine". Their latest project "Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns" is their best work to date. Their style is a mix of rock, blues, and hard work at their craft. As a friend, I received an advanced copy. I loved each track, however, when I hit cut 8 for the first time, I thought "I know this song". Took me awhile but I finally figured it out, it's their version of Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana"! Awesome!

This album means much more when you know the story of Nate's battle with cancer. Along with Josh and Fish, Nate started the band many years ago. This is the culmination of all the hard work, overcoming trials, and climbing their way to the top. They may not be there quite yet, but they'll get there. They're just too good and hard working not to have success. Besides, like myself, they're from Missouri and they don't call it "The Show Me State" for nothing!

After a gig at the Missouri State Fair this week they're off to Sturgis and The Iron Horse Saloon. Then in our neighborhood, kinda.  Sunday August 28th at The Royal Bar in Murray, UT and Saturday September 10th at the High Elevation Rock Festival in Denver, CO.

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