A Seattle school has put a ban on kids Halloween costumes at school. Lafayette Elementary school administrators are banning Halloween costumes at school because it takes away from learning time in class. Really, like any kid can focus on school work the day of Halloween. The only thing going through their minds is how much candy they will score that night. This is something schools have been doing forever, I did it in school and we always took in some kind of goodies for the class. What’s the big deal?

Maybe if school administrators want kids to learn more in class they should have them in school more. When I was a kid we didn’t so many days off. Today schools have teacher work days, parent/teacher days and a number of days kids get off school for some reason. I just don’t remember this many days off, hell we would pray for snow or ice in the winter months to get a day off.

So, I say they let the kids have Halloween and cut a couple those days off and have them in class. The kids will get what they want and the administrators will have more class time to learn.