October if you were unaware is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month if you were unaware, although year round the importance is there. Like many causes there are many organizations that are supported of survivors of breast cancer, awareness and prevention of the disease in women and men.
One organization, The Keep A Breast Foundation, encourages women to check for possible signs of tumors regularly has been 'hated on' by educators. The message in question are their pink bracelets which say, 'I (Heart) Boobies".The bracelet for a cause trend became popular with the yellow Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation bracelets.

Schools have become aware of the pink 'I (Heart) Boobies' bracelets worn by many pre-teen kids, teenages and adults. The bracelets serve as not only an awareness tool, but a reminder to 'check yourself' as well. The American Civil Liberties Union won one case against a Pennsylvania school district in 2011 with the court ruling the term can not be considered lewd or vulgar. That case is headed to appeals.

A middle school girl in Wisconsin has been denied the same thing after a ruling against her after the court called the phrase a "vulgar and sexually provocative statement." The ACLU responded with disappointment saying the ruling would, "leave in place a ban on student speech that conveys our plaintiff’s belief that breast cancer is a critical women’s health issue of our time. The very purpose of the bracelets is to educate other young people about cancer prevention, testing, research and treatment."

The bracelets bring awareness to the cause in a fun manner and aren't 'lewd or graphic' or even offensive. Would schools make the same argument if bracelets encouraging boys to check for testicular cancer read, 'Have Some Balls!' or 'Save Your Scrote'?