The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced their list of nominees for 2013, Rush and Deep Purple are on the list. Two bands that have burned their names in the pages of rock 'n' roll history finally get a little respect from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Rush released its eponymous debut album in March 1974, after which followed 19 additional studio recordings, 8 live albums and 6 compilations. As a group, Rush possesses 24 gold records and 14 platinum (3 multi-platinum) records, placing them fourth behind the Beatles, Rolling Stones and KISS for the most gold and platinum albums by a band in music history.

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Deep Purple formed in 1969, has 19 studio recordings including some of the most iconic riffs in rock 'n' Roll history. The LP Machine Head is so respected in the music world that on its 40thanniversary bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Chickenfoot contributed tracks for the tribute LP Re-Machined.

It’s about time these two killer bands get their due from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.