It's not official, and it's not confirmed, but rumors are now circulating that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning intends to return for a fourth season.

Woody Paige, of the Denver Post cites unnamed - but trustworthy - sources that Manning wants to keep playing, but won't make a final decision until he takes a physical examination, which is mandated by his contract.

The Broncos have asked Manning to let them know of his decision by March 9th.

It appears the Broncos want Manning to return -- at least that's what they have expressed publicly. There really is no reason to think the Broncos would not welcome him back unless, of course, they have an Aaron Rodgers sitting on the bench ready to take over the helm. That does not appear to be the case.

Broncos fans seem to be divided on whether or not the soon to be 39-year-old should come back. In a recent poll, 50% of respondents said Manning should not retire now while 38% thought he should hang it up, and 12% weren't sure.

Bringing Manning back for one more year, and keeping as much of this team intact as possible, gives the Broncos a legitimate shot at making it to the Super Bowl. The #1 key is protecting your $19 million dollar quarterback (that's what he'll make next season). As we learned this year, without a healthy Peyton Manning there can be no Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos.