It was on this date in 2010 that we lost one of the great metal voices, Mr. Ronnie James Dio. The American vocalist sang with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his own band Dio over his career. He not only sold over 47 million albums but also is credited with popularizing the “Metal Horns” for metal heads around the world.

I got to see Dio a few times and he never put on a bad show. The first time was on the Black Sabbath ‘Heaven and Hell’ tour and the last time was with Black Sabbath in Broomfield a few years ago. When you look at him he might not seem very big but he was a giant in the metal world.

When an artist can tell a story the way Dio did and put such a powerful voice behind it all you can say is wow. It was a true loss when he passed and we will never see his likes again. So today at some point raise the horns and remember one of the greatest metal voices of all time, Mr. Ronnie James Dio.