Radio Shack, one of the oldest and best-known do-it-yourself electronics corporate icons, may be closing their doors for good or at least half of them.

Although Radio Shack was founded over 94 years ago, last September they had to warn shareholders that if talks with lenders couldn't end in a successful restructure, they would be facing Bankruptcy. Some say that their stores are outdated, some say that they didn't invest into the "Smart Phone Era," and that is why they have fallen behind.

There are rumors, (although neither company is giving any details) that Sprint may be looking to purchase half (over 2,000) of Radio Shack locations, with the purpose of rebranding those locations, or there is even a rumor of a co-branding between Radio Shack and Sprint.

If the deal solidifies, Radio Shack will be closing roughly 1,784 stores. If the deal doesn't solidify, Radio Shack will be closing all of their doors.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the Grand Junction store is slated to close, as you can see in this list of Radio Shack Locations.

Have you shopped at any of the Grand Junction Radio Shack locations, recently? When was the last time you did shop at one in Grand Junction?